Meeting new people can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience. It can bring a sense of empowerment and excitement to your life, and can even be life-changing. When you connect with new people, you may find that they add some spice to your life, provide a fresh perspective on your career, or simply make great companions for hanging out. The value of meeting new people is limitless, and the bonds that you create can result in a joyful journey filled with unforgettable memories and strong networking connections.

With Live Crowd, a feature of Status TAG, connecting with like-minded people in real-time is made even easier. By using Live Crowd, you can connect with people in your immediate vicinity who share similar interests or passions. Whether you're in the same hangout zone or location, you can view their profile, send a follow request, and chat with them in real-time. This makes it easy to create new bonds and establish connections that can last a lifetime. So, if you're looking to meet new people and expand your social circle, give Live Crowd a try and start making meaningful connections today on Status TAG.

Frequently asked questions on ‘Live Crowd’ Status TAG:

Yes, being on live crowd list of any Status TAG hangout zone is safe and secure as we provide essential privacy settings to every user while he or she is checking into any hang out zone to be on the live crowd list and connect with new people around them life, crowd list and connect with new people around them. They can always report or block any profile to avoid unnecessary actions. We provide the users with a choice to be on the list which in itself gives them the control they deserve.

To be on the live crowd list of Status TAG, users have to just check-in to a hang out zone or location from the Status TAG application. By checking in, they make sure that they do not only be visible to other people on the live crowd list but also be able to connect with each other in the real time. So to be on the live crowd list, please follow the below So to be on the life crowd list, please follow the below:

  • Open the Status TAG app.
  • On the search bar, search for the outlet name and open it. Or open the profile from Wire.
  • Next tap on the ‘plus’ icon and then on the ‘profile’ icon
  • Choose your privacy and hit the ‘check-in’ button

No, you cannot chat with someone else via the live crowd feature without checking in to any hangout zone or location. We have ensured that all our users experience the most transparent, secure and authentic way of making new connections in the real world. And we have made sure that anyone who has not checked in to the hangout zone by being inside their premises will not be allowed to connect directly with the people inside the premises.

To make sure that you only connect with people present around you inside the hangout zone premises on StatusTAG, you must change your few privacy settings such as:

  • Choose the accurate privacy setting for check-in.
  • Check your account privacy and update its setting for message.
  • Disable the setting for people visiting your profile from the live crowd list while checking in.

To block someone from the live crowd chat, please follow the below:

  • Open the ‘Status TAG’ app.
  • Go to your ‘Profile’ then ‘Message’ then to the ‘live crowd chat’.
  • Open the chat box, and tap on the ‘three dots’.
  • Next tap on ‘Block’.

To check the profile of someone in the Live Crowd List, please follow the below:

  • Open the ‘Status TAG’ app.
  • Search for the hangout zone profile from the home or wire.
  • Next open the profile then tap on ‘plus’ icon.
  • Then tap on ‘Profile’ icon to check-in.
  • Post check-in open the outlet profile again then tap on the user profile from the live crowd list.

To buy a subscription for live crowd, please follow the below:

  • Open the ‘Status TAG’ app.
  • Next tap on ‘live crowd’ button from the pop-up in the bottom of your home screen.
  • Then tap on ‘continue’ > ‘subscribe’.
  • Make the payment to enjoy the feature.

Purchasing the Live Crowd Subscription of Status TAG, will allow users to experience the live crowd feature of the application. Users can then check who is present in the location or hang out zone premises in the real time before visiting the place. In addition, once they visit the location or the hangout zone they can check in to be on the live crowd list and also connect with people next to them directly via live crowd chat. This feature make it easier to connect with like-minded people faster wherever you go.

To renew your live crowd subscription. All you need to do is to follow the way you buyed it at first. Simply open the application then tap on live crowd pop-up. Next pay the payment for the subscription.