You can deactivate the account to disable your complete user data temporarily. Reactivation of the account can be done anytime to enable user data, click here to reactivate. If you want to permanently delete the account then choose the delete option. Once you choose to delete the account, within 24 hours your data will be disabled from the platform. We will delete the complete user data including names, chats, photos, etc within a span of seven days from our database. This data can never be retrieved by us or you. It is important to register email id in the Status TAG account before choosing any action like Deactivation, Deletion or Reactivation of the account. We use the email id in the process to check if the action is taken by the real owner of the account or not.

If you are having any relevant queries, please check Status TAG FAQs. You can also fill the below forms in case you want to Deactivate or Delete the account.

It is important to update the same Email Address on Status TAG prior to submitting the form. We will send verification mail to ensure authentication of this action related to ‘Account- Deactivate/Reactivate/Delete’. Remember only after you accept the action is taken by you over mail, your submission will be processed further.